Below are photos, names, simple bios, and contact information for some of the people Ethos Fellowship is closely connected with. These are people who don't necessarily live in the same location, but are a part of the community. Each person listed on this page is a leader in a specific sector of culture - home, business, creative arts, faith, humanitarian, and agriculture.

One day, we hope to fill this page is filled with people from all over the world - people you can connect with (no matter where you live), live life with, seek God with, and give generously with.


Jordana Chambers

Wife. Mother to 6, including 1 with Tuberous Sclerosis. Passionate about being gluten free and natural eating, maternity issues worldwide, education, and living life fully. She cares deeply about the needs of women, mothers, and anyone seeking hope in the midst of difficult days.

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instagram: @thechambersvillage


Carson Nyquist

Husband, (almost) daddy, photographer, author, and storyteller. He is the Lead Creative at @Envision, and Director of @StoriesThatGive. He is passionate about sharing stories that inspire generosity and faith. Currently, this involves working with nonprofits domestically and internationally to help raise awareness and funding for ongoing needs. 

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twitter: @carsonnyquist



Matt Chambers

Husband (of Jordana...the awesome woman above). Dad of 6. Advocate for people with special needs. Director of SafeWorld projects. Most comfortable with the people who are marginalized and oppressed. Loves to teach, explore, unlearn, relearn, and wade through all matters of faith and doubt.  His greatest desire is to see and care for as much of the world (and its inhabitants) as possible, and invite anyone he encounters to discover the abundant life, even in the midst of a messy existence.

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twitter: @MattChambrs

Clint Blevins 

Husband, father, author, screenwriter and co-founder of SafeWorld. Has worked in and around ministry for a number of years with a heart for charity domestically and around the globe. His greatest passion is telling stories both redemptive and just downright entertaining. 

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jane hs ef.jpg

Jane Plackett

Passionate about restoration of people, situations, landscapes and buildings. Longs to use all of the above to tell stories of God's redemption, and his ability to bring beauty & function from apparent chaos, disorder and hopelessness. Ordinand in the Church of England. Committed to creating community. Particularly excited about working with 16-25's. 

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twitter: @janeplackett